View from the Chair

Christopher Adin, D.V.M.

Dr. Chris Adin

Vision: The Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences is a team of talented and creative faculty and staff that have dedicated their lives to providing an excellent educational experience for veterinary professional students, cutting-edge clinical services to our veterinary clients, and improving animal and human health through scientific discovery.

I am so proud to return to the Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences (SACS) at the University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine- the place where I began my academic career. SACS is the largest department in the College of Veterinary Medicine and has many important roles in the College. Most importantly, our clinical faculty in SACS are responsible for the coordination and teaching of the majority of coursework involved in the veterinary curriculum and are thereby fulfilling the primary mission of the College and University: student education. Many of our faculty have been recognized for their excellence in teaching at the College, University and even at a national level. SACS faculty continue to improve their student teaching through pedagogy, the study of educational techniques, and UF is leading the charge to change the way that information is delivered to veterinary students, making competency based education and outcome assessments a priority in our student training.

In addition to its teaching mission, the department is home to the majority of clinical services that provide the highest level of care to companion animals in the UF Small Animal Hospital, ranging from advanced imaging to state-of-the-art, minimally-invasive therapies. Clients coming from Florida and across the United States find an unparalleled level of clinical expertise and personal service at the UF Veterinary Hospital, with a clinical caseload that ranks third highest in the nation for academic veterinary centers.  Our nationally-renowned faculty leverage this caseload to provide a premier training experience for veterinary students, interns and resident veterinarians who go out and improve animal healthcare around the world.

Importantly, SACS faculty also contribute to the discovery of new knowledge. Over the past three decades, faculty from the Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences have changed the practice of veterinary medicine by discovering the canine influenza virus, inventing surgical devices to treat dry eye, urinary incontinence and portosystemic shunts in dogs, describing novel procedures for bone transport and minimally invasive surgery, devising cancer vaccines and founding major outreach organizations such as Operation Catnip and the Million Cat Challenge. Our Clinical Trials group is carrying out over 20 active trials to evaluate the safety and efficacy of novel stem cell therapies, cancer therapies, surgical techniques, allergy vaccines and other studies looking into the origin of diabetes and nutritional needs of companion animals.

It is clear that the Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences is an integral part of the UF College of Veterinary Medicine, but more broadly, plays an essential role in shaping education and science of veterinary medicine around the world.

Go Gators!

Chris Adin, D.V.M.
Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences