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The Cat

Hear what our students have to say about The Cat!

“The way this course is organized truly sets you up for success in learning and understanding difficult topics that I believe are truly beneficial for those interested in pursuing veterinary medicine.”

Brenda Duque

UF Student

Hailey Barber


Having actually worked in a professional capacity with some of the doctors giving lectures, I am confident to say that the lectures provide a high-level of expertise knowledge on these subjects.


I like that there is a specific emphasis given to neurology, endocrinology, and urology, which all involve common problems that many cats face on an emergency basis.

“This class had to be one of my favorite classes.”

Peri Prendergast

UMass Undergraduate Student

“The cat class content is very engaging for pre-veterinary students such as myself. A class such as this allows for more scientific background about cats for a more encompassing understanding.”

Kaitlyn Ballard

UF Student