Student Testimonials
The Dog

Hear what our students have to say about The Dog!

“I have found that the knowledge base I gained in the “The Dog” course has been extremely helpful for my current veterinary classes!”

Nicole Santabarbara

Former University of Miami Student
Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine

Peri Prendergast

Class assignments:

Not only were the lessons paced, but the discussions, emails, and quizzes helped make sure I was always on track and never struggling alone.

Course MAterial:

The lessons were so interesting, I could not stop talking about the things I learned every week! I am eagerly looking forward to using this information in my upcoming classes.

“This class had to be one of my favorite classes.”

Peri Prendergast

UMass Undergraduate Student

Ellie Hirschy

How did this class help you?

Taking the class at the end of my junior year allowed me to apply what I had previously learned in animal physiology and nutrition classes and further my understanding of those concepts in the context of canine medicine. I noticed a difference in myself while working in a small animal hospital; I was able to use what I learned in The Dog to better communicate with doctors and clients, as well as have a deeper clinical understanding of the cases I was involved with.

Did this course prepare you for Vet school?

Now, as I prepare to start veterinary school at UF in a couple months, I feel I have an advantage already being familiar with some of my professors and having good introductions into many of my courses. I would highly recommend this class to anyone considering a career in veterinary medicine!

“I took The Dog class because I wanted to learn more about my favorite species.”

Ellie Hirschy

UF Undergraduate student
Accepted to Freshman DVM Class of 2014, University of Florida

Megan Kelley

Course Lectures:

It is so directed towards what I love to learn and what I want to do in my future career path and everybody who is lecturing seems to know their material so well and are passionate about the topic they are lecturing.

“It is one of the few classes I voluntarily enjoy studying for and enjoy doing so!”

Megan Kelley

Clemson Student