Cardiology Residency

Program Description

The aim of the program is to train specialists in cardiology and hence assist them in passing the ACVIM specialty board examinations.  The Cardiology Service conducts instruction, service and research activities with animals presented to the College of Veterinary Medicine, primarily with small animal (90%) but also equine, large animal and exotic/wildlife (10%). Residents are an integral and significant part of this program, progressing towards greater autonomy with both clients and students as their residency progresses. The cardiology service offers a full range of noninvasive and invasive diagnostic and therapeutic services to approximately 1,500 cases per year. The residency is supported by 2 1/2 board certified cardiologist (Drs Swift, Aherne and Sleeper), 2 full time cardiology technicians, and a service-specific receptionist. The resident will be one of two cardiology residents and on-call duties will be shared.  The cardiology service has seen tremendous growth over the last 3 years and the resident will play an active role in the continued growth and improvement of the service.  Our service is equipped with two cardiac ultrasound machines (Philips Epic and Vivid E9) as well as Pacs stations for offline reporting, Philips electrocardiography machine, an advanced Toshiba fluoroscopy unit and a GE hemodynamic monitoring system in our state of the art catheter laboratory, as well as Holter monitoring software for on-site and off site study interpretation.

Resident Selection Procedure

Residents are recruited from internship programs or private practices. A Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree or equivalent is a prerequisite.

Selection will be based on:

  • Veterinary School Official Transcript from University Registrar
  • Personal Statement
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • 3 – 4 Standardized Letters of Reference