The Cat

The Cat Class (VME-3002) is a 3 credit online undergraduate course designed for students planning careers in Veterinary Medicine or Veterinary Technical Programs.


For the Fall semester, class will run from August 23rd-December 6TH.

*Note that I would be willing to shift the start date of this class for you, if your Fall semester classes at your home Institution start at a different time.

Online Course

The Cat

Students that take the class will be introduced to a number of topics, including urology, endocrinology, reproduction, nutrition, and health of the cat.

A striped tabby cat sits on a bed

The Cat Overview

While the Cat Class is offered through the University of Florida (UF), many students that take this class attend other Colleges and Universities. 

Many Colleges and Universities have slightly different schedules.  In order to accommodate these different schedules, the class has been designed to be run in an asynchronous  manner (i.e. students  have weekly assignments, but do not need to log into the class at any specific time during the day. )

For questions about this class, contact the Course Director: Dr. Patrick Larkin, Ph.D.

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Course Information


Students that successfully complete the class will learn about a number of different topics in the feline field that will be covered in more detail in Veterinary School and Veterinary Technical Programs. These include anatomy, neuroscience, urology, endocrinology, reproduction, and various feline medical case studies, shelter medicine, among other topics.

Course Syllabus

  • The Cat syllabus-Fall 2023
  • The Cat Class will also be offered in the Spring semester of 2024 (runs January 8TH-April 24TH) and registration for the Spring term will begin in October


This is a 3 credit class. 

For students from the state of Florida (that can claim Florida residency), the tuition rate is $511.74 ($170.58 per credit hour). 

For students outside the state of Florida, the tuition rate is $1,129.20 ($376.40 per credit hour).

The above prices include all UF fees as well as all of the fees to use the HonorLock Service for the three tests. All reading material will be provided within the class and no additional textbooks are required.


Students need to have taken 4 science and/or math courses before you enroll in this course.  You do not need to take a class in each of these fields, just four classes total.

  • Students typically meet these pre-requisites at the end of your freshman year.
  • Of these 4 courses, two of them need to be in the biology field (examples of some biology classes include, but are not limited to the following: a biology for majors class, zoology,  anatomy, physiology, etc.).
  • The other two courses can also be in the biology field, or they can also be in other fields such as chemistry, physics,  or math.