The Cat

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

Students need to have taken 4 science and/or math courses* before you enroll in this course.  Of these 4 courses, two of them need to be in the biology field (examples of some biology classes include, but are not limited to the following: a biology for majors class, zoology,  anatomy, physiology, etc.).  The other two courses can also be in the biology field, or they can also be in other fields such as chemistry, physics,  or math.

*Note that you do not need to take a class in each of these fields, just four classes total.
Contact the course Instructor, Dr. Patrick Larkin, Ph.D. if you have questions about whether you meet the Prerequisites for the class.

Are the classes completely online or is travel to Florida required at some point? Are the classes asynchronous or do you need to be logged in at a specific time/date?

All courses are taught completely online and do not require travel or have required synchronous components.

What are the expectations for this class (i.e. will it be easy)?

Students will find it difficult to pass this course if they do not regularly log into the online class and complete assignments on a weekly basis. Online courses are not easier or less time consuming then classes on campus. Online classes are simply more flexible, and allow a student to work on the course material during various times throughout the day and evening. For this class, students will be reading and listening to lectures on 2-3 topics per week.

I am not a University of Florida student, how do I get credit transferred to my home institution?

Each university has their own policies regarding credit transfer or dual enrollment. Therefore, it is your responsibility to check with your home institution to complete any paperwork that may be required to transfer the credits and ensure that they can be applied towards your degree. (Note: UF requires students to complete paperwork BEFORE they register at another university and this may be the same for your home institution.) The University of Florida is a public university in the State of Florida and credits should be accepted by other universities in the United States of America. If you need a letter, signature, or form completed please contact the course coordinator. After completion of the course you can have an official transcript with your grade sent to your home institution. Official, sealed transcripts can be ordered and mailed to you or your home institution for a small fee (approximately $6.00) using the ONE.UF system. Non-official transcripts can be printed through the ONE.UF system for free.

I have already completed my Bachelor’s degree. Can I still register for this class?

Yes, you can still register for this class.

What are the registration and fee deadlines?

The registration and fee deadlines for online courses are the same as the dates on the academic calendar for traditional courses at the University of Florida. These can be found on the registration page for each course or the Undergraduate Catalog.  The University of Florida has a three semester system: Fall (August – December), Spring (January – May), Summer C (May – August).

Can I use a fee waiver/military exemption/Florida state employee exemption to pay tuition and fees?

Tuition and fees for online courses at the University of Florida must be paid with a credit card (MasterCard, American Express, or Discover) or check (EFT/ACH, US banks only). There is a 2.6% non-refundable service charge when using a credit card as the method of payment. Unfortunately, most fee waivers are not accepted for Distance Education courses. To see if a military waiver can be used for a particular course please contact the Veteran Services team (vacounselor@ufl.edu or  352-294-2948).

Do you offer scholarships for the online courses?

Unfortunately, we do not offer scholarships. See question below about Bright Futures Scholarships. Additionally, tuition and fees for online courses at the University of Florida must be paid with a credit card or check. Therefore when considering financial aid sources, a student loan is the most advisable option. You can investigate loan options through the University of Florida Student Financial Affairs.

Can I use my Bright Futures Scholarship toward these courses?

Students need to contact their own financial aid office and receive permission to be a “transient” student (*Note that this is different than using a Transient application). Be sure to include in the application that the course is unique (not offered at their home institution). Once they receive approval from their office to become a transient student, they will be reimbursed for the class at the following rates:

  • $77 per credit hour (medallion award)
  • $103 dollars per credit hour (academic award)

Scholarships can be combined (Florida Prepaid with Bright Futures). Students that take a class as a transient student should fairly quickly after the class is over have an official transcript sent to their home institution.

Can I audit the course instead of enrolling for a grade?

Most courses are available to non-degree seeking students in an audit format which does not have a grading system, but still requires payment of the full registration fees. If you wish to enroll as an audit student, please contact the course coordinator before registering.

How are accommodations for students with disabilities handled?

The University of Florida strives to provide effective, reasonable accommodations to students with physical, learning, sensory, or psychological disabilities. Student classroom accommodation issues (including virtual classroom accommodations) can be addressed through the Disability Resource Center in the Dean of Students Office. Staff at the Disability Resource Center will assist any student who registers as having a disability and will serve as their advocates. Official documentation of a disability is required to determine eligibility for appropriate accommodations. Although not required, we suggest also contacting the course coordinator directly as soon as possible to notify them that you have or will be registering with the Disability Resource Center and will need to coordinate accommodations. Any issues outside of classroom accommodations should be directed to the ADA Compliance Office.

Will I receive a transcript, diploma, or certificate after completing a course?

Upon completing your registration and paying the associated fees, you will become a non-degree seeking student at the University of Florida. This will generate a UF transcript where your grade will be posted at the conclusion of the course. Official, sealed transcripts can be ordered and mailed to your home institution for a small fee (approximately $6.00 USD) using the ONE.UF system. Non-official transcripts can be printed through ONE.UF system for free.

Once enrolled in a course, do I have access to the UF library services?

By enrolling in one of our online courses, you become a non-degree seeking student at the University of Florida. Included in the tuition and fees is access to UF library services, which includes the digital catalog of books and scientific journals. You can log-in to the Off-Campus Access portal (link on the left-side) with your GatorLink username and password to access these materials.

Who should I contact regarding technical assistance during a course?

By enrolling in one of our online courses, you become a non-degree seeking student at the University of Florida. Included in the tuition and fees is access to the UF Computing Help Desk.

What other requirements are there in order to take this course?

All exams need to be taken in a manner where the student can be proctored. This class will use HonorLock for online proctoring services for the three exams. HonorLock is an online proctoring service that allows exam takers to complete their assessment at home while still ensuring the integrity of the exam for the institution.

Do I need to buy a book for the class?

No, you do not need to purchase a book for the class. All reading material will be provided to the students.

How will the class work?

Course content is divided into 15 week segments (13 weeks for summer). Course material for each week (except week 1) will be released the Friday evening before the week begins. Week 1 material will be released the first day of class. Students will have the whole week to listen/watch the lectures, videos, and/or complete assignments. By the end of the week, the students need to take a Quiz or an exam. Each quiz can be taken up to two times, and the highest score will be used for that particular quiz grade. Students do not need to use HonorLock to take the Quizzes. Exams can only be taken once. Students will need to use HonorLock to take the exams