The Dog

How to register for this class

UF Students

All students currently attending the University of Florida can register for this class through their ONE.UF.

For Non-UF Students

There are two methods for students from other Colleges or Universities to register for this class:

Register As

Continuing Education (CE) student

Continuing Education students will receive a certificate of completion once the course is finished.

REgister As

Non-degree seeking student

Non-degree seeking students will receive a college transcript from the University of Florida. Non-degree seeking simply means you are not seeking a degree from the University of Florida, since you are already enrolled at another college/university. Many Colleges and Universities accept this class as credit towards a student’s degree, typically as an elective; however you will need to check with your specific institution about credit transfer.

Important Dates

For a complete list of critical dates for registration, please visit the following URL:


  • If you have any problems filling out any of the  forms, contact Dr. Larkin.
  • If you are interested in taking this course  beyond the Summer semester of  2022, please fill out the course interest form.